Dr.  Eric Anders
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I find that the best way to explore the question of whether I am the right therapist for you is to take advantage of the free initial session I offer.  During this initial meeting we can discuss your needs, my approach, and how well it all fits together.  This free initial session can be set up by e-mailing me or calling me at my office number below.

Please set up this initial consultation with me only if you can afford my fees, or if you you fit one of the categories for a sliding scale.  See my "Insurance and Fees" page for more information.

I recommend coming into my office and meeting in person since I believe you will get a much better sense with regard to me, how I work in general, and how you feel about working with me by coming in.  Fit is a crucial consideration when it comes to making this very important decision.

I will not do an initial consultation over the phone or via email.

1910 Olympic Blvd., Suite 360 • Walnut Creek, CA 94596 • 925-297-5177